Monroe County raised $100.000 from revenue generated by casinos in order to help the Summit Hill Heritage Center. Debra Rank, chairperson of the Community Center, stated that the board is thrilled about this deed since three years’ worth of efforts led nowhere and it was starting to look like no one was willing to lend a hand.

OPP Community Center financed by Carbon County Casinos

The Summit Hill Heritage Center displays a multitude of physical damages. The raised money is will be used to fix the roof and the heating system that are long overdue for repairs. The building is 100 years old. Starting with 2009, this particular center has been helping hundreds of people by literally feeding them.

Upgrading the center is the next step. Debra Rank is planning to offer educational lessons and organize interesting cultural events. With the amount of money donated they can now improve the building, upgrade their course offerings, and continue to help more people.

The Summit Hill Heritage Center is hoping to receive the funds this summer.