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All about Zero

All about ZeroZero is a very interesting card game that combines elements of Blackjack and Baccarat. The game’s objective is to have a point total closer to 0 than the dealer in order to win.


    1. The game generally uses between 6 and 8 standard 52-card decks.
    2. The same point system like in Baccarat is used for this game as well. Face cards and tens are worth 0 points, aces are worth 1 point, and the cards 2 through 9 are scored at their face value. To find out your point total you have to add up all of your cards and your point total is the last digit.
    3. At first the player has to make a Zero wager to start the game.
    4. The player is dealt two cards face up. Like in regular Blackjack, the dealer gets a face up card and a face down one.
    5. If by any chance the player’s first two cards add up to 0 points, making a Zero Pair, the player will automatically win and is paid 3 to 2 on his wager. Zero Pairs only apply to player hands.
    6. When the player does not have a Zero Pair, he will then play out his hand with one of these options:
      • Stand with his cards
      • Hit and receive a third card from the dealer
      • He can double down on any three-card hand if he makes an additional wager which is equal to the original wager. Players cannot double down for any less.

He can also split any two cards which total 8 or 9 points by making an extra wager equal to the player’s original Zero wager. Unlike in normal Blackjack he does not need a pair in order to be allowed to split. A player can only split once and a split hand is treated like any other Zero hand.

  • When all the players have acted the dealer will reveal his hole card and draw an additional card if both his cards amount to a total of 5 or more. The dealer has to hit again on a total of 5 or more with three cards. After he has four cards in his hand the dealer must stand.
  • And finally the dealer now has to compare his total to the player’s total.
    • If the player has a lower total than the dealer, the player wins and gets even money on his wager and double down wager (if he has made one)
    • If the dealer has a lower total than the player, the player loses all of his wagers, even the double down one (if one has been made)
    • When both totals are equal the player’s wagers push.


So there you have a quick breakdown of the rules for the game of Zero. It is fast becoming more and more popular in casinos all across the world so you will easily find a casino near you where you can play it.

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