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Types of felt table dealers

Types of felt table dealersIf you’re the kind of gambler that revels in the entertainment, excitement and pure casino experience that replies on felt table game action then there are a few things you should know about the dealers you’ll be dealing with.

There are basically four types of dealers. You’ve got the male dealers, the women, the old and the young. Of course you can combine these four factors to give you the following categories: young female, old female, young male, old male.

Surely when we’re saying old and young we’re really referring to the difference in experience that each type has acquired. Thus, the more inexperienced dealers will fall in the young category, and the experienced ones are the old-timers. The obvious advantage to being an old dealer is that they’ve probably seen all kinds of situations besides dealing at various styles of games.

We’re firm believers in equality between women and men but let’s be honest here, there are quite a few big differences between how women dealers conduct their game versus the male dealers.

When it comes to gender preferences is general, plenty of research has shown that females prefer a more stable environment, longer term relationships, a sense of clearly defined safety, and predictable outcomes.

Conversely, males are known to take higher risks, prefer to take risks if the possibility of a huge return is in view, and thrive on more excitement in general. Being more or less emotive will transmute onto the felt tables.

Keeping these clear differences in mind might help you next time you’re faced with picking a table that you want to play at. This also applies to Live-dealer online card games. When looking at Blackjack you might find it more advantageous in choosing a younger female dealer than the reverse. Truth be told, inexperienced dealers will make more mistakes than experienced ones so it’s really your prerogative to take advantage of this.

The purpose of your playing also has a lot to do with what kind of dealer you may want to choose. If you’re just looking for a fun time, fun conversation and an all-round entertaining experience then of course the logical pick is a young dealer. Young dealers are also less likely to spot a card counter, so if you’re into this strategy then having a younger dealer at your table can be used to your advantage.

Overall the type of dealer that is leading your game will not make a huge difference in how much you earn while playing and it won’t influence your style of playing, unless it’s a dealer that’s had a long day and might act rather obnoxious. Still, there are small things that will improve if you learn to choose your dealer carefully and these small things will add up over time to provide a better gambling experience.

Now that you know these crucial details you can go out and test the theory when choosing the next table game. Let us know in the comments bellow what you’ve discovered. Bonne chance!

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