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Top 5 casino world records

Top 5 casino world recordsWorld records are a topic that everyone in the world is interested to find out about. Whether it’s about an athletic event, an insane daring, or simply about how many eggs a man can eat, world records can be set by any average person with a way of documenting and a good idea.

The same rules apply when talking about the casino industry records set over the years either at land-based establishments or in the online domain. The following top five represent some of the most interesting and wacky world records related to the all-mighty global casino industry.

#1 House of Cards, but not the TV-show

Our first unbelievable world record related to the gambling scene is the world’s biggest house of cards. Famous architect Bryan Berg is the holder of this incredible record and he only used about 4000 decks of cards to build the imposing construction. Emulating a well-known casino in China, the card house took the artist 44 days to create and a total of 218,792 cards were employed for this magnificent task. Berg did not stop there; he carried on with his vision and realized more such freestanding edifices that are also copies of world admired buildings.

#2 Get your piece of the cake

Yeah, we could imagine how right now you may be wondering “what do cakes have to do with casinos?” But, if you’re looking to feed 59,000 people with just one cake then you might just find one at your nearest casino. The largest cake ever made measured 17 feet with 7 tiers. This was no usual cake but a wedding cake. Oh yeah, and did we mention it weighed 13,000 pounds? It was probably brought in with a crane because we cannot imagine how in the world book of records you could carry such a monster around.

#3 How’s that Cheeseburger?

This one shocked us too. It’s not a person, or a catering company, or even McDonalds that holds the record for biggest bacon cheeseburger in the world, it’s a casino. Yeah, you read that right! A casino in Minnesota went to the lengths of creating a 2,014 pound hulk of real American burger. This all happened during the 2012 Big Burger Bash event and 40lb of cheese, 60lb of bacon, and 50lb each of chopped onions and lettuce was soon history after the gamblers got their hands on it.

#4 Pull the lever, ya!

April 2013 signifies the year of the largest slot game tournament on Earth. When you think about it, it was about time, considering the fact that over 80% of the world’s gamblers prefer this method of entertainment. The casino from Uncasville, Connecticut managed to wire up 1,100 slot machines and over 5000 players crowded for their chance at pulling a “one-armed bandit” lever. There was a $100,000 prize that went to the 200 finalists and a grand prize of $50,000 for the tournament’s grand victor.

#5 Step on the felt table

A year prior to the world’s biggest slot machine tournament, a casino in California built the largest functional Blackjack table and immediately entered the world record book. Around 2500 guests showed up to play a free hand at the imposing table and the cards and chips were also top size. That must have been a fun thing to see. What’s more the same casino is hosting the largest champagne tasting this year, to commemorate 24 years of successful business.

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