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Strategy for European Blackjack

Strategy for European BlackjackOf all the games in any casino the most popular, by far is blackjack. Its popularity is mostly due to its simplicity. It is a game that people can pick up very quickly but can also master over time. Players also feel that they have more control over what is happening on the table compared to other gambling games.

European Blackjack is a variation which is most popular in Europe, obviously. In this variant the dealer takes the player’s second card after the players have finished their hands. Players can take the same actions as in regular Blackjack so here is a quick recap of them:

Hit: When a player wants another card to be dealt to their hand. Generally you can beckon the dealer with a motion of the finger or by tapping the table behind your pile of cards. But be careful to not go bust and lose the hand.

Stand: This will indicate to the dealer that you are satisfied with your current cards and don’t want any more.

Pair Splitting: When a player is dealt a pair as his first two cards he has the option of splitting them into two separate hands. Both of those cards will then be considered separate hands and he will have to place another bet equal to his first one. Generally you can split only pairs of the same card, meaning that a Jack and a 10 cannot be split even though they have the same face value. Some casinos will also allow further splitting if you are dealt more cards which can be paired with another card in your hand. It is highly encouraged by professional players to always split Aces, although a lot of casinos only allow you to draw one extra card on each Ace.

Doubling Down: This allows players to double their original bet and receive one extra card in exchange. You can indicate that you want to do this by placing another chip next to your original chip. This option is mostly viable when you already have a very strong hand. In some places you can do this only if your first two cards are equal to either 10 or 11.

Surrendering: A lot of casinos don’t allow players to surrender. What surrendering means is that you give up your first two cards and forfeit half of your original bet. After you have surrendered you are not part of the ongoing hand and your cards are removed from the table.

Even Money: When a player gets a blackjack and the dealer has an Ace as his upcard, the player gets the option of “even money”, meaning they will get a 1:1 yield before the dealer manages to check the second card he has.

I hope you find these explanations helpful if you ever want to start playing Blackjack. Whether you want to play just for fun or want to start a career of gambling around this game these tips will surely come in handy.

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