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Special slot game symbols revealed

Special slot game symbols revealedIt is common knowledge that besides the particular theme that a certain slots game is endowed with, special symbols – that often go very well with the theme of the game, are also a major reason why casino gamblers choose this fun type of entertainment.

Besides there existing different types of slots games, such as bonus slots, classic slots, fruit slots, video slots, and so on, a huge variety of symbols are readily available to form winning combinations across the reels. With this article we are going to categorize the different types of slot game symbols and tell you a little bit about what each of them does.

First in up for discussion are the classics. The standard symbols are most often represented by fruits, cherries, lemons, oranges, for the more traditional 3 reeled fruit slot machines. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the video slots. These machines usually display their regular symbols in the shape of high card face values.

Thus, starting with the 10 and ending with the Ace, the video slots are the premier employers of poker type card symbols. These previously mentioned types of symbols are not the only ones a player will come across while engaging in a game of slots. Symbols particular to the game’s theme are also going to show up on the reels.

If we take for example the Golden Dragon classic slot, players will see a dragon’s head, a shield and sword, and the single, double or triple bar symbols.

Next in line are the famous Scatter symbols. These are special symbols because they can either reward the player with a win or activate a bonus round. Most slots will require that you hit 3 or more Scatter symbols in order to benefit from such extras.

The best Scatter symbol feature is that you can obtain the benefits regardless of playing max bet or not. You can even play with a minimum bet the whole game and still receive some pretty great rewards from your Scatter symbols combination.

The more Scatters you manage to land the bigger the payout, number of free spins or degree of bonus round will be. Look out for these magical symbols because they really do make a huge difference for your overall bankroll.

Slightly different from the Scatter symbols but basically based on the same principles, the Bonus symbols will do exactly what they sound like they might do: trigger the bonus rounds of the slot game. The trick with Bonus symbols is that you have to get them in just the right spot and just the right amount in order for you to take full advantage of their power.

If you can hit three Bonus symbols on the first reel and the reels next in line you will be able to make use of this great slot game feature. Making it a bit more difficult, due to the great variety of prizes that can come out of a winning Bonus symbol combination, some slot games will require a Scatter on the first reel as well as the last. Not to mention that in all cases the lines where the symbol landed must necessarily be an active line.

Last, but most probably the most fun of them all, are the Wild symbols. This type of symbols are many and they tend to land often. It is a bit harder to explain what they do, other than the basic stand in for other symbols and making winning combinations when falling beside three-of-a-kind symbols, because there are so many wild combinations they can help form.

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