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A small course in Parlay Betting in Blackjack

A small course in Parlay Betting in BlackjackThe Parlay system of betting is mostly based on the idea that using the house’s money is always a good idea. This means that you should build your profits over time until you can take your original stake out and continue wagering solely from the profits that you’ve accrued. This is also called pyramiding your profits and the strategy has been used by a lot of gamblers in a variety of games from sports betting to Blackjack.

This Parlay system is a positive progression betting system which basically means that you will only increase your bets when you’re winning. The basic definition of a parlay is to use your accumulated wins to obtain even more profit by increasing your betting patterns as you win. In sports betting for example, a bettor will usually try to parlay a winning bet on one game into one for another game. If he for example bets $5 and wins $5 more for his next bet he will put up all the money for his chances at a bigger profit.

In the game of Blackjack though you will have to think differently. You can’t fully parlay your beat every time you win because you never know when a losing hand will put an end to your streak. If you try to parlay each and every one of your bets over time you will surely start losing money from your bankroll. You should never try to bet the entire amount of your profits on a single parlay because sooner or later you will lose the entire stake and have to start over from scratch. The main key to correctly executing a Parlay bet in the game of Blackjack is to try a more gradual increase of your bets.

By now you can probably notice the fact that the Parlay system mostly depends on your putting together a good streak of winning hands. All betting system will pretty much focus on this but the big difference between them and the Parlay system is that it takes into consideration the possibility of multiple winning streaks during a Blackjack session. Let us imagine that you play blackjack for around three hours. During this time you will have a bunch of winning streaks as well as losing streaks. If you use the Parlay system you are guaranteed to lose the table minimum when you are hitting a bad streak. It will also guarantee that you will make a profit while in a winning streak.

This is the point in which the Parlay system can begin to be fun. If you carefully progress through your session and continue racking up money from small winning streaks, eventually you will be able to cash out the money you first put in and play with your profits alone. This is pretty much the ideal situation that gamblers always want to be in, playing for the house’s money basically.

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