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Slots games myths debunked

Slots games myths debunkedAs a professional gambler you should be aware of a few slots games pitfalls. Many new players or even ones that have been playing for quite some times are unaware of the limitations a slot machine has ingrained into its system and they fall for the myths surrounding this popular game of chance.

Many people read about slots winning systems, or any other hearsay about the machines themselves, the casinos that run them, and even the next spin, and take it as granted fact, when actually these myths could not be farther from the truth. In this article we have set out to debunk any and all myths about slot games and these findings apply to both land-based and online slots games, all around the world.

First and foremost, have you heard of an RNG? No? Then no wonder you are trapped thinking that you can improve your chances at winning the slots if only you could find the right scheme. An RNG is a Random Number Generator and is called that because it does exactly what you might expect it to be doing; it generates numbers at random so that winning combinations cannot be predicted by players at any time. Also, the RNG assures the game is fair for all parties involved, including the casino.

This said it stands to reason that no matter what juju you bestow upon the machine, what lucky charms you may have kissed 7 times this morning, or how many times you’ve hit that same machine, there is no guarantee that you will get a win. This game is almost entirely pure luck and if Lady Luck is looking elsewhere today you will not find yourself in the winning streak too soon.

Still, most land-based machines are programmed to pay out a little under 100% of its profit. Online machines can pay out as much as 98% and still be able to make a nice profit for the casinos.

The myth that some slots are made to be loose and some are made to be tight is an absolute fake notion. Particularly with online slots it is impossible to program such a thing since the casinos are well-regulated and any variation from the norm would be sensed and the casino would end up paying for it through the roof.

Another myth that we can assure is nonsense is the idea that casinos will place tight slots near the poker and blackjack tables so that players would not be distracted by the noise of a winning slot game. This is simply ridiculous especially since most land-based casinos are noise-polluting establishment, meaning that any pro payer looking to concentrate will have learned a long time ago how to tune-out such noise.

Playing one single machine for hour does not guarantee that you will win any time soon. The idea that a machine is “due” is complete bogus seeing as we explained above about what the RNG does. Every spin is unique and random.

It is common knowledge that slots cards give out extras to players that own them. For this reason it might actually be a myth started by the casinos themselves that slots cards pay out less than when you are playing with real coins.

So, next time you visit a casino, online or land-based, put these superstitions behind you and focus on the game. Having a fun and responsible gaming session should always be any player’s top priority.

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