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Slot machines variations

The different types of slot machinesSlot machine popularity has been steadily increasing ever since their introduction into mainstream during the 1930s. Today, slot machines, whether the online or land-based casino variety, are the pumped-up versions of their previous selves. Still, playing an actual machine or a video slot does not have a say in the amount of money you could be rewarded if you hit a win.

The only factors that might influence your reward levels are the special symbols the games carry or the type of machine it actually is. There are about 7 different types of slots machines out now and this number seems to be increasing as time goes by, especially with the advent of mobile gaming.

The Classic

The first slots machines to ever be used in public were the traditional 3 reel and 1 payline type. The first machines actually appeared in bars, restaurants, and small stores, and they rewarded the player with whatever the daily offering was at the particular establishment you frequented. Beer, cigarettes, and free meals were among those prizes collected by slots players.

Although classic slots games do have a wide range of symbols that can appear on the reels, the more traditional ones were fruit slots and displayed items such as oranges and cherries. Other symbols that you might come across are the high value card faces, lucky number 7, and single, double or triple bars.

The Fruit

Fun loving gamblers in the United Kingdom seem to have an affinity for the fruit machine slots games. This variation of the traditional slot machine, that actually used poker card symbols back in the day, seem to be more based on skill than any other type of slot.

The best thing about the fruit machines are the arbitrary prizes and the longer hold periods they offer. Basically, you are doing a hold when you choose one or more reels to stay the same while the others can be spun independently. Some machines offer this feature for more than one spin at a time.

The Bonus

This slot machine does exactly what you assume, it gives out some pretty nifty bonuses. They come in the shape of bonus rounds of extra features. Free spins and other extras can be found while playing this type of online slot games. The best choices are the ones that combine all kinds of bonus features because these are also the ones that might surprise you with some extra cash in your pocket.

The Video

Video slots are online platform based and are the newest addition to the slot games list. They are displayed on a screen and present all the features of a regular slot machine and more. They are mostly loved for the awesome visuals and animations, possibility for higher wins and bigger jackpots, and for the simple fact that you get to play them from home. With the introduction of mobile slots players can gamble for anywhere in the world provided they have a relatively new smart phone and an internet connection.

Other slots types are the Loyalty, Multipayline, and Progressive, the latter of which are extremely popular today due to their huge jackpots reaching into the millions of dollars.

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