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The rules of Casino Backgammon

The rules of Casino BackgammonMost of you are probably already familiar with the game of Backgammon. But at one point there was also a casino variant of this game doing the rounds around the world in various casinos. Your odds of finding a table with one of these games is very low nowadays but it was good while it lasted. The main layout of the game looks like one side of a backgammon board. Two pieces will be placed on the board and your objective as a player is to roll the dice and move them over the bar in one move and off the board in two to three moves.


Here is some basic terminology before we get into the rules:

  • Home Board: The six points located to the right of the Jump Bar.
  • Jump Bar: The bar located in the middle, between the inner and outer boards. Your goal after the first roll is to get both pieces over this Jump Bar.
  • Points: The triangles on which you will move the pieces on.
  • Out Bar: The bar located on the other side of the outer board. After your second/third roll you will have to get both pieces over the Out Bar.
  • Outer Board: The six points which are located on the left of the Jump Bar.

You also have three options for betting:

  • Jump: You will win this bet if both of your pieces are moved over the bar in one roll.
  • Out: This bet can be won if both pieces will be moved off the board in two rolls, or three rolls if either of your first two rolls are doubles.
  • Doubles: This is a side wager which will be placed on the number and type of doubles thrown.

Here are the specific rules:

1. The game will start with your two pieces on the starting point, after which all players will make their wagers.

2. Two dice will be thrown by the designated shooter.

3. Each piece will be moved depending on the result of the dice rolls.

4. If a player gets doubles he can move each piece according to the roll of each die. This is not like in conventional backgammon, where you would 2x the roll of each die.

5. Your main objective after the first roll is to get both of your pieces over the Jump Bar. If you manage to do this you will win the Jump bet.

6. Now the shooter will roll the dice again.

7. The piece that has further to go will be moved depending on the larger die roll and the other piece according to the lower roll. If both of your pieces make it over the Out Bar, you will win the Out bet.

8. If you won either the Jump or Out bets, you can choose to shoot again. If you do the rules already stated will be repeated, except the pieces located on “point 2″ will be the ones to move this time.

9. This will continue for another 3 points containing pieces if you manage to either win a Jump or Out bet.

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