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The rules of 6 Card Poker 1-2-5

The rules of 6 Card Poker 1-2-5This game is a variation of Poker which can be found on certain online casinos. The game is very closely related to the game of Lunar Poker.


  1. You will need a basic 52-card deck to play this game. The game makes use of standard poker rules for ranking and comparing hands amongst players and the dealer.
  2. To start things off the player will have to make a mandatory Ante wager.
  3. Then the player can make an optional Bonus bet which will be based on the poker value of his five cards.
  4. Now each player and the dealer himself will receive five cards, with one of the cards from the dealer’s hand being place face up.
  5. The players will now have to decide whether to Fold, Raise, Buy or Draw. Here are the details for each of those options:
    • Fold: The player will have to simply place his hand next to his Ante wager. The dealer will gather all of his cards and the Ante wager.
    • Raise: To raise the player will have to make a bet exactly 2x the Ante he placed before. This option is just called “Bet” in the interface of the game.
    • Buy: The player can opt to pay a fee equal to his Ante and buy a sixth Card with it.
    • Exchange: The player can also pay a sum equal to his Ante in order to exchange one, two or all five cards.
  6. If the player chose to either Buy or Exchange he will then have to decide whether to Fold or Play based on the new hand that he has now.
  7. At this moment the dealer will reveal the rest of his cards and declare the poker value of his hand.
  8. In order to qualify the dealer will need to have at least a pair of twos or better.
  9. When the dealer doesn’t have the necessary cards to qualify, the player may choose to exchange the highest dealer card with a random card. The fee that has to be paid for this will be equal to the Ante bet.
  10. In the event that the player chose the dealer exchange option and the dealer still doesn’t qualify after this exchange, then the player will lose his Ante wager and the Raise bet will be pushed to the next round.
  11. If the dealer ends up not qualifying and the player did not choose the exchange option, then the Ante will pay him even money and the Raise bet will push.
  12. In any other event, the dealer will open and settle each player hand like this:
    • Player wins: the Ante bet will pay even money and the Raise will be paid according to a pay table.
    • Tie: Both the Ante and Raise bets will be pushed to the next round.
    • Dealer wins: Both the Ante and Raise bets will lose.

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