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Review Of The Greatest Gambling Movies Of All Time

Review Of The Greatest Gambling Movies Of All Time

Gambling involves excitement and thrill through online slots free no download no registration. When portrayed in a movie the experience is out of world. There are several movies with the theme of gambling that has become popular and is still considered to be the hot favourites amongst the gamblers who play at no deposit casino real money.

The Hustler

It is a masterpiece of its kind and still remains the top of the chart even after 50 years of its release. The movie has the best of story and beautifully carved script with reality at its virtue. The casinos are very clearly portrayed and there is lot of fun and excitement that the gambling through free slot machines of wheel of fortune and so on depicted in the movie. The hero of the movie is a pool shark and wants to master the game and become the lead in it. The rest of the story revolves around the way Paul Newman, hero of the movie, gets to the top by crossing all the hurdles and beating the arch rival, Minnesota Fats played by Jackie Gleason.

Casino Royale

Loosely based on the novel written by Ian Fleming in 1953, Casino Royale was indeed liked by people from all walks of life. The movie which was released in 2006 is a favourite James Bond series. Daniel Craig played the role of James Bond with the mission that is sure to take the viewer on a ride through thrill, suspense and adventure.

The Sting

Another pick from the classic collection of Gambling movie, The Sting is a combination of entertainment with a lot of gambling. You will love this movie if you are the one who google free slot machine games for satisfying your gambling passion. Played by the famous Paul Newman and Robert Shaw, the movie traces the group of men from Chicago who play the hoax of an underworld don. George Roy hill is the director of this timeless classic and the movie was applauded for its seven academy awards.


The movie completely depicts the life of a voracious gambler, Mike McDermott played by Matt Damon. Through persistent persuading from the girlfriend, he finally decides to quit gambling and looks for newer pasture of life. But, very soon he meets his old friend, Murphy played by Edward Norton. They both team up to repay their old debts. It is a story that is very neatly portrayed on the big screen and gives out a great feeling to the viewers.

The Gambler

If you are passionate about gambling then try free slot machines no download no registration. The Gambler movie is also a great way to combine entertainment and gambling in the perfect dose. Released in the 1974, the movie presents James Cann as an addictive gambler. His gambling instincts do not work in his favour and so ultimately ends him in bankruptcy. But, he continues with the gambling for it is his passion and finally gets the money to try his luck.

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