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What about progressive slots?

What about progressive slots?It is virtually impossible to talk about progressive slots without first giving a bit of history about slots, where they came from, and why they are so popular even today. While traditional slots games and even the online variety are built as independent games all-together, progressive slots are actually a series of slot games all tied in together through a network. The main attraction of this type of gambling is that the jackpot is pooled from all the games and the players have the chance to win an insurmountable amount of money if they are lucky enough to hit it big.

It is probably common knowledge that the first machine officially recognized as the predecessor of modern day slot machines, was the Liberty Bell, invented in 1887 by the so called Father of Slot Machines, Charles Fey. The machine, that featured a lever on its side, contained 3 reels and 20 Poker inspired symbols.

Overwhelmed by the demand for more machines to be built, in 1907 Fey partnered up with the Mills Novelty Company and began rolling out whole series of slot machines. Soon enough esthetic changes started being made to the machines and names were even provided. The Lion Head and Castle Front are among the most memorable slot machines of the time.

In the 1940s an inspired Bugsy Siegel decided to introduce the slot machine into his Las Vegas Casino. The move was obviously a big hit and soon enough all casinos were replicating the action. With the creation of the electro-mechanical slots in early 1950s, machines like Big Bertha and Super Big Bertha that are still being used today, slots gained even more ground in popularity.

Progressive slot machines were born in 1986 when IGT launched the first slots of this kind and allowed jackpots to have an increasing prize amount, based on how much players would bet in individual games. The pool would continue to increase until eventually someone would hit the jackpot symbols and win all that moolah.

One year after the progressive slots were launched, having witnessed thousands of people trying their luck at winning that ever-expanding jackpot, the prize of $4,988,842.17 was finally rewarded to one lucky jackpot winner. This event was the first of its kind and quickly gained in notoriety. The prospect of being able to gain such an immense amount was still beyond some people’s capability of grasping.

With progressive jackpots, recently, you don’t only get a real shot at a huge jackpot but there are smaller, more attainable jackpots that can be reached. Both types of jackpots will be displayed on the machine screen. With the big jacks you have lower chances of hitting it, but it will definitely be worth the wait. With the small jacks chances are you will hit it more often but the rewards are significantly lower.

The process of pooling the jackpot is very simple. While people deposit money to continue playing and trying their luck, 10% of every dollar will be added to the pot until it will pop. The only catch is that, if you really want to have a try then you should be playing max bet at all times, otherwise the machine will rarely take your bet into consideration as trying for the big win and will only rewards immediate lower pot or smaller coins still.

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