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Pokie machines, some statistics

As we all know, here in Australia we love pokies. We love the thrill of winning, we love to chase for that one jackpot that would change everything. So, having a cult around pokies, of course that we have a lot of statistics and facts regarding pokie machines and slots. Some of this facts are mind blowing for some and common knowledge for others. Nevertheless here they are:

  • There are around 200.000 slot machines in Australia (real ones, not online games)
  • Around 100.000 pokie machines are located in New South Wales
  • 20% of the worlds pokie machines are located in Australia
  • The population of Australia is around 20.200.000 – it means that there’s one pokie machine for each 101 people
  • In 2003-2004 fiscal year gamblers lost over $16 billion (over $9 billion on slots)
  • From all the players it’s estimated that there are over 300.000 problem gamblers
  • The average payout percentage for pokie machines is 90.89%
  • Average chance of winning the jackpot playing 1 line is 1 in 50.000.000
  • Average chance of winning the jackpot by playing 20 lines is 1 in 2.500.000
  • The highest jackpot you can get in a bar or pub is $10.000
  • The average player loses over $300 each year
  • The average problem gambler loses $12.000 each year.

Source for the statistics: http://www.problemgambling.vic.gov.au

Breakout of the statistics and our opinion on the matter of pokie machine games

pokie machines statistics

The primordial conclusion we need to take from theabove statistics is the fact that the payout of slot machines is below 100%. That means that if you play pokies long enough, you will end up losing. This statement is applicable to any gambling game that has a payout lower than 100%, which means ALL GAMBLING GAMES.

Though some players usually become short term winners, most medium to long term players end up at a loss. Of course, excepting players that win big progressive jackpots or win a large amount and stop playing after that.

Another crucial aspect is the fact that every spin of the machine is 100% random and isn’t affected by the results of the previous spin. Each spin on the pokie machines has the same chance of hitting jackpot or other prizes. This means that if for example you’ve lost 200 spins in a row, no one can guarantee you that the game will give you 100 winning spins after that.

Taking in account the odds of hitting the jackpot are 2.500.000 to 1 the winnings are small. The pokie machines odds of jackpot are similar to winning the lottery, just to make a more comprehensive comparison.

So, who really wins? We all know that, it’s the operators and developers of the games, always has and always will be. They rake in billions each year after providing billions to the government authorities in form of taxes.

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