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Playing slots – a fair gamble

Playing Slots - a fair gambleTaking into consideration the fact that nearly 80% of casino revenues come from slots machines it is safe to assume that we are dealing with a whole new ball-game when it comes to modern-day slot games. If in the past slot gamblers were merely the lowest social ladder citizens dealing with extremely low payouts and second rate treatment, in today’s global gambling market slot players are considered the most valuable casino patrons.

There are a few good reasons why first-time casino goers hit the slots upon arriving. Firstly, slots are easy to figure out and quite easy to play. A second, and better, reason is that new casino gamblers choose the slots because table games can be really intimidating, especially if the other players seem to know what they are doing.

What’s more, you never hear about table players winning huge jackpots. Only slot games offer such incredible 7 figure winnings and this can be a whole lot more attractive to newbies than taking the long months necessary in order to properly learn a table game. So, yeah, of course it’s more tempting to put some coins or credit into that land-based or online slot game if there’s a chance you might become a millionaire overnight.

There are insane numbers of different slots out there, mainly if we’re talking about online video slots. Some casinos offer up to 200-300 video slot games and other even get up there into the 500s. Meanwhile mobile game developer are trying to catch up with the desktop gambling generation and are creating beautiful slot games for hand-held devices every day.

Penny and nickel together with quarter and dollar spinning games are arguably the most popular slots played world-wide today. There are indeed other games which require higher stakes, up to $100 per spin, but generally speaking slots are low variance type games. The difference between actual machine slots and online video slots is that the former takes coins, up to 2 or 3, while the latter deals in credits and can take in up to 500 at a time.

Depositing money for playing into the machines is as easy online as it is with a real-life game. You simply deposit the amount you wish to use as a bankroll and the equivalent in credits will be displayed on the screen. With land-based slots to increase your bet size you must push the “play one credit” button until you reach the desired sum, the hit “spin” and you’re good to go.

With online slots things are even easier as the game screen displays an increase/decrease credits button, a spin button, and a max bet button- that also exists on traditional machines. Additionally, both types of games may display a payout box that tells you how much you have won that is updated with each spin.

Once you get passed the initial excitement of playing the slots, when finding yourself on the casino floor it might be prudent to try playing one machine at a time unless it’s not that crowded and you can keep an eye on more than one spinning reel at any given time. Another casino etiquette matter encountered when playing the slots is that players can leave the chair tilted against the machine or any other indicator in order for other to know they will be back. Make sure you don’t get into a ruffle with someone over a perceivably stolen seat.

There are loads and loads more to be said on the topic of slot machines, like payout percentages, symbol meaning, terminology and so forth, but this is for another article. Bonne chance!

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