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Playing casino games from home

Playing casino games from homeSometimes I am amazed at people who will walk into a casino with barely any idea about the games that they are about to play. I get that most of them are there to have a good time and relax, but going in completely blind won’t be enjoyable for you or your wallet. Of course there was a time when your options were more limited. Besides reading a book or two there was not a lot you could do to learn a casino game besides practice. With time, of course, VHS tapes started coming out with tutorials and guides for various casino games; then CDs and later on DVDs.

But nowadays you have one simple answer to all your questions, the Internet. You can find countless reviews for casino games to learn how the basic game is played and some of them will even offer charts with odds and optimal play for different hands. Of course some games have very little strategy involved, like craps or roulette. For these games you will have to just master the rules and then try to find your own betting patterns. While these will not assure a win, having a sound style of play will make you feel more assured about your gambling.

Here are the three easy steps that you should take in order to maximize your casino expenditure.


When you sit down at any game inside of a casino you should have read at least one book on that particular game. A player who simply buys some chips and starts to play is like a person who buys fishing equipment and goes fishing without knowing the first thing about how to actually catch fish. The results will most likely be disastrous. There are plenty of books out there which can teach you the basics of any game. When you’ve finished reading the book you should practice on your computer and then read the book again. Usually you will have plenty of questions that you can look up in the book afterwards.


Watching videos will help you learn the mechanics of the game. You will clearly see how the game is supposed to be played and what the procedures and protocols are at the table. Videos can help you reinforce what you have already read and even clear up some questions you might have by visually showing you how that particular game is played. Seeing professional players at their best can also give you a lot of insight into how you should approach certain situations.


Just like in any other type of game or sport, practice will inevitably make perfect. Now with the use of computers you can easily achieve this. One of the biggest problems when learning a new game is your sense of shame at making mistakes. You can avoid all of that by playing against a computer. The computer won’t laugh at you when you screw up so you will have no reason to feel ashamed.

Follow all of my advice and you will be on your way at becoming proficient in your chosen game. Don’t go into this thinking that you will make it big and end up a millionaire because that takes a lot more than reading some books. Getting to that point will require you to treat gambling like a job, and that is an entirely different story.

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