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Omaha Poker and a few variants

Omaha Poker and a few variantsOmaha Poker is a fairly new poker variant which has become one of the more popular Poker variants played in casinos as well as online. It was first introduced in the 1980’s and it quickly gained popularity amongst players.

Omaha Rules

In the game of Omaha, each player will receive four cards and there will also be five community cards on the table which are dealt like in Texas Hold’em. When it comes to the showdown exactly two cards from hand together with three community cards have to be used to make a hand.

Two to ten players can take part in this game and a standard 52-card deck will be used. Omaha is normally played without an ante but with blinds. The usual small and big blinds will be paid by the people to the left of the dealer. In the case of a heads-up situation the dealer will place the small blind and the other player the big blind.

The betting rounds are exactly the same as in Texas Hold’em. The first one will take place after the small and big blinds have been placed. Then the dealer will burn one card and deal three face up cards which are called the flop. Another betting round will now take place after which the dealer will burn another card and reveal another face up card. This is called the turn card. After a third betting round the dealer will have to burn yet another card and reveal the last card which is called the river or fifth street. There will be a fourth and final betting round before the showdown in which the winning hand will be decided by using the same hand ranks as in standard Poker.

Omaha High-Low 8 or Better

This is a poker variant which is normally played as a fixed limit game. This variant is played in such a way that the pot will be split between the players with the highest and the lowest hands. It takes its name from the fact that the low hand can’t have any card higher than 8 to qualify. The game is pretty much the same as Omaha but because of fixed limits the size of the bet doubles after the turn card has been dealt so the third and fourth betting rounds will be played with big bets.

Five Card Omaha

This is pretty much the exact same game as normal Omaha with the difference that each player receives five cards instead of four. Just like in regular Omaha players will have to build their hands by using exactly two cards from their hand and three board cards. This rule variant can also be used in Omaha High and Omaha/8.


This is a variant of Omaha which is very popular in France and has also spread to other European countries. Players receive five cards and one card is dealt face up before the first betting round. After the first betting round one card will be burned and two more will be dealt face up to complete the standard three-card flop. Besides these changes the rules are exactly the same as in regular Omaha.

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