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All you need to know about No Flop Pineapple

All you need to know about No Flop PineappleThis game made its debut in February 2011 at a few casinos located in Las Vegas. The game mixes rules from Texas Hold’em with some weird variations of its own. Now let me give you a quick rundown of the rules so you can see what this game is about.


    1. The game is played with the use of a single 52-card deck.
    2. The game will use standard poker rules when you have to compare two hands. Here is the rank order of hands in descending order:
      • Four of a Kind
      • Straight Flush
      • Straight
      • Flush
      • Three of a Kind
      • Two Pairs
      • Pair
      • High Card Hand
    3. To start things of the player will have to make an Ante wager. Players also have the option of making a wager on the Pocket Pairs side bet.
    4. Now the dealer will hand all of the players and himself three face down cards. He will also deal two community cards which will also be face down.
    5. All players will then examine their three cards and determine which two cards they want to keep and which card they will discard.
    6. After all of the players have discarded one of their cards, the dealer will now reveal the first community card. All the players will now have to decide whether to fold their hand and lose their Ante or make a Play bet which will be 2x their Ante to continue the game.
    7. Now the dealer will reveal the other community card as well as his three hole cards. He will then discard one of his three cards in order to make the best possible four-card hand.
    8. Now the dealer will compare his hand to the hands that the players have.
      • If the dealer will beat the player’s hand, the player loses all of the bets that he put down.
      • When the player beats the dealer’s hand, he will win even money on all of his bets.
      • If the hands happen to be tied, the Ante and Play bets will be pushed to the next round.
    9. When the player manages to get a flush or better, he will win an Ante Bonus regardless of the overall outcome of the game. This is the pay table for this Ante Bonus:
      • Four of a Kind: 40 to 1
      • Straight Flush: 20 to 1
      • Straight: 2 to 1
      • Flush: 1 to 1

Discard Strategy

    • Three of a kind: Discard any card you want.
    • Pair: Discard the singleton
    • Three suited cards: Discard the lowest card of them all.
    • Three singletons, three different suits: Discard the lowest card.
    • Three singletons, two highest suited: Discard lowest card.
    • Three singletons, lowest two suited: Generally you should hold on to the two highest cards.

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