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About Lucky 13 Blackjack

About Lucky 13 BlackjackBlackjack, known throughout history as the game of 21, is a well-known and liked table game. For those of you that do not know the rules of this casino game it is good to read up on them before delving into any other Blackjack version.

Traditional Blackjack is played between the players and the dealer, or house. Back in the day it was played with one 52-card deck but today 3, 4, even 6 decks are employed in the game. You have a chance to beat the dealer’s hand if your first two cards are a Blackjack hand while the dealer does not have such a hand. Another way to win the hand is if you hold a total value of cards higher than the dealers or if the dealer draws more cards as to exceed the 21 limit- and that’s a Bust.

Just when we thought no one can improve upon this classic, in 2014 an Australian company came up with the Lucky 13 Blackjack variant. Since then this version has only been sighted in land-based casinos, although with the current fast advancements developed in mobile gaming we are expecting a mobile version to pop up soon enough.

Different from traditional Blackjack right off the bat, the Lucky 13 version makes use of 64-card decks. Additional face value cards of 11, 12, and 13 are added to the decks. The player rules are similar to regular Blackjack and are as follows:

  • You are allowed to double up on the first two cards
  • You are allowed to double up after splitting
  • You can also re-split aces and any other pairs
  • You cannot surrender
  • You can take insurance
  • You have to re-bet if your pair shows 11s, 12s, or 13s that need to be split

For the dealer, the rules are:

  • If the dealer hits a hard 16 he must stand
  • If the dealer hits above a hard 16 he must stand
  • If the dealer hits a soft 17 he must stand
  • If the dealer hits above a hard 17 he must stand
  • The dealer does not receive a hole card


  • If you win you get even money unless you have a Blackjack hand in which case a 3:2 ratio is paid out
  • House edge can be between 1.3% and 1.4%

Because there is a higher bust rate due to the additional value cards there are two side bets allowed in Lucky 13. You can choose a Protection Bet in the case you think you’ll bust on the first two dealt cards. If you are right in assuming so the payout for a hand between 22 and 25 is 5 to 1. Even better, score a pair of 13s and receive a 40 to 1 payout.

The Pairs Bet pays 12 to 1 for any first two cards that are pairs. The house edge is significantly higher, between 8% and 6% for the side bets.

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