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Learning about Super Pan 9

Learning about Super Pan 9Pan 9 which is also sometimes known as Super Pan 9 is a player banked game which can be found in certain poker casinos located in the Los Angeles county. The game has rules which are very similar to baccarat so here are the specifics:


  1. The number of decks that are used for this game can vary, depending on the casino in which you play. These can range from 6 decks up to 12 decks. Each of these decks only has 36 cards, ranks ace to 6 and all of the face cards.
  2. One player gets to play the role of the banker. The banker role will rotate around the table, clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on your preference.
  3. Now all the players except for the one who is playing as the banker will have to make a wager.
  4. All the players including the banker will now get three cards each. These cards will be face down.
  5. Every player now has the option of either standing pat or drawing one more card.
  6. When all the players, except the one playing the role of the banker, have acted, the banker now also gets the option to either stand or receive one extra card.
  7. The scoring will be done just like in the game of Baccarat. All face cards count as zero points, aces as one point and all the other cards by their pip value. Just like in Baccarat the terminal digit of the total points of all cards will be the point value of the hand. To give an example, a hand with an ace, 5, 6 and a queen would count as 2 points.
  8. When the player ends up having more points he will win even money. Any ties will simply result in the push of all the bets for the next round. In case the player who is playing bank has more points then the player will instead lose. The player who is currently the banker will pay and collect all of the bets from around the table.


Player Strategy: When the player has between 0 and 5 points he should hit. If instead he has between 6 to 9 points he will stand.

Banker Strategy: If the player decides to hit, the banker should also hit if he has between 0 and 5 points, and stand with 6 to 9 points. When the player stands, if the banker has between 0 and 6 points he should hit and stand when he has between 7 to 9 points. If faced with multiple players at the table the strategy is pretty much the same for the banker.

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