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Learning Riverboat Hold’em Poker

Learning Riverboat Hold’em PokerThe game Riverboat Hold’em Poker is a poker-based table game which can be found in areas like Mississippi and Indiana. Though the game has not garnered a lot of attention from players, some casinos still have it on offer so you can try it for yourself if you’re curious.


  1. You will need a standard 52-card deck for this game.
  2. To start things off the player will have to make an Ante bet and he can also make an optional River Bet.
  3. Now the dealer will hand himself and all of the players two face down cards. Players can check their hands but they are not allowed to share any information between themselves.
  4. Now the player can do one of the following things:
    • Fold: The player will lose his ante bet. If the River Bet was made it will remain active.
    • Call: To do this the player will have to place another bet which will be equal to the Ante.
    • Raise: The player will have to place an extra bet which will be equal to exactly two times the Ante.
  5. The dealer will put three community cards down on the table. These cards will be face up.
  6. At this moment the dealer will reveal his two hole cards to all the players.
  7. In order to qualify the dealer will have to hold at least a king-jack or higher. The lowest possible hand with which the dealer could qualify is K, J, 4, 3, 2. If the dealer does not qualify all of the Ante bets will pay 1 to 1 and all the call and raise bets will be pushed.
  8. If the dealer instead does qualify but the player still has the higher hand then the Ante and call or raise bets will pay 1 to 1.
  9. If instead the dealer does qualify but he ends up having the higher hand compared to the player, all of the bets that the player made throughout the game will lose.
  10. To resolve the river bet the dealer will do it based on the poker value of the hand. There are multiple pay tables for this situation depending on the establishment you are playing in.


Folding in this game is never recommended because the dealer needs to have a certain hand in order to qualify. So even with a bad hand if the dealer doesn’t manage to qualify you will win some money. If you are holding a high pair or generally have high cards in your hand you should try raising as much as possible. If you don’t have any strong cards you should just call and continue the game.

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