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Learn to play Rabbit Hunter

Learn to play Rabbit HunterRabbit Hunter is the name given to a house-banked poker game which is played heads up against the dealer.

Your main object in this game is to win by having a better five-card poker hand than the dealer.


  1. The game requires a 52-card deck in order to be played. The regular poker rules for scoring and comparing hands are used.
  2. At first the players will have to make an Ante wager and an optional Bonus Bet which has to be equal to his Ante.
  3. Then the dealer will deal five face down cards to both the player and himself. After the player has examined his cards he can take one of the following actions:
    • He can fold, thus forfeiting his Ante and Bonus Bet (if one was made)
    • He can continue playing if he makes a Play Bet which has to be equal to his Ante
    • He can continue playing and also buy a card. The player has to make a Play Bet equal to his Ante and also has to pay a fee equal to the Ante in order to receive a sixth card. This payment is not treated as a wager but rather as straight payment for the sixth card. The money will go directly into the chip rack. With this additional card the player has to make his poker hand a best five out of six cards.
  4. After all the players have acted the dealer will reveal his five cards and will then compare his hand to the player’s hands. In order to qualify the dealer needs an ace-high or better. If he doesn’t qualify the Player’s Ante will be a push and only the Play Bet will be in action. In any other situation both the Ante and Play Bet will still be in action.
    • If the player’s hand will beat the dealer’s hand, the player will be paid 1 to 1 on all the best.
    • In case the dealer’s hand will beat the player’s, the player will lose all the bets still in action.
    • If both hands are tied all bets will push.
  5. The Bonus Bet will pay out depending on the player’s best five-card hand and will not be affected by the value of the dealer’s hand (he might lose against the dealer but still be paid for a winning Bonus Bet hand). Here is a pay table which explains the average payouts.
    • Royal Flush – Pays 500
    • Straight Flush – Pays 100
    • Four of a kind – Pays 50
    • Full House – Pays 30
    • Flush – Pays 9
    • Straight – Pays 7
    • Three of a Kind – Pays 5
    • Two Pairs – Pays 2
    • Pair of Tens or Better – Pays 1
  6. The game also has a Bad Beat side bet which pays 10 to 1 if both the player and the dealer have a pair of tens or better, which will cause one of them to have a “bad beat”.

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