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Learn One for the Money

Learn One for the MoneyOne for the Money is a new table game which made its debut in 2014 at a casino in Iowa. It is hard to find a similar game to it; the best explanation would be that it’s a combination of Casino War and Mulligan Poker. The game is very simple to learn and has a pretty basic strategy.


  1. You can use any number of decks but generally in order to minimize shuffling time you should use between six and eight decks.
  2. Cards have the same ranking as in poker, deuces are the lowest card and aces are high.
  3. After he makes a wager, a player will get one face-up card and the dealer will get two face-down cards.
  4. Then the player can take three different actions, as follows:
    • Stand. By doing this the player keeps his original card without raising.
    • Raise. The player keeps his original card and makes a raise bet which has to be equal to his original starting wager.
    • Trade. The player can switch his card for the next card in the shoe. If he chooses to switch the player also has to make another wager equal to his original wager.
  5. In case the player trades his card, after he receives his replacement card he can either stand or make a raise bet which has to be equal to his initial wager.
  6. At this moment the dealer will turn both his cards and select the higher card. If the cards are tied in rank, the dealer can choose any of them arbitrarily.
  7. Then the player card will be compared to the card that the dealer has chosen; the higher card will win. The bet shall be decided thus:
    • In case the player has the higher card, all of the player wagers will be paid even money.
    • If both of their cards are equal in rank, all wagers will push.
    • If the dealer has the higher card, all the wagers will be lost.


The strategy at the first decision making point is this:

  • You should raise with a Jack or higher
  • You should stand with a 8 to 10
  • Switch the card if you have a 7 or less

After making the switch you should follow these pointers:

  • If you have a jack or higher you should raise
  • If you have a ten or less you should stand

Like any other table game which is rather new, One for the Money also has a side bet. In this case it is called the Perfect Match wager. This type of bet pays depending on the number of dealer cards that match the player’s final card.

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