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Introduction to the Features of Online Slots

Introduction to the Features of Online Slots

Slots is the most widely played casino game in the world. In other words, more people play slots than any other online or offline casino game. The classic slot machine had just 3 reels and winning meant getting 3 identical symbols together in the middle. Online slots expanded the game’s form, and it can have up to 5 reels. Besides, a win is not limited to the middle row, as a combination of symbols can appear in any row or diagonally. There’s more to online slots real money and you have more ways of winning than ever before.

What are Pay Lines

Online slots offers different ways of winning. In fact, there can be anything from 9 to 30 winning lines on a game of online slots for you to win. These lines are called Pay Lines. So if you choose an online slot game with 24 Pay Lines, a spin will give you up to 24 possible ways for winning. If you are able to get the symbols in any of these 24 ways, you will win.

Playing Online Slots

Slots is the simplest of all online casino games. You may play any slots game, and all of them will have similar features and rules. So once you know the basic rules of the game, you can play a slots game with any number of pay lines. The most important factors are:

  • The number of reels
  • The number of pay lines
  • The combination of the symbols you get

These factors are going to determine your payouts.

How to Play Online Slots?

You will place your bets using coins, which vary in terms of values. You will have to choose the number of lines and stakes you want to bet before the reels are spun, and your goal is to hit the winning combination. Each symbol will have different values. And your payouts will depend on which symbols come aligned on the paylines. The three symbols which are found in most online slots for fun are:

  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • Bonus

You can use the Wild symbol for replacing other symbols. It can help you in hitting winning combinations and extra prizes too. If you even get a combination of 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels, they will mostly trigger free spins. This feature will allow you to spin the reels without betting. You can win prizes which can increase with extra multipliers.
Many new online casino games can have special features which trigger with the Bonus symbols. If you get to play such mini games they can increase the fun and also give you special prizes and extra payouts.

Progressive Slots Machines

Progressive slots machines are some of the most popular online casino real money games. They are different from straight slots due to their progressive jackpots that keep increasing in size until someone wins them. The larger the online casino and the longer the jackpot takes to get hit, the higher will be the prize money. So if you want to try your luck at big money, progressive slots are the best options.<?p>

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