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Guts Poker and what it’s about

Guts Poker and what it’s aboutSometimes you’re at a table surrounded by friends and you all just want to play a relaxing game of poker. Even though there are a lot of variants out there which you could try, why not give Guts Poker a chance.

The game is very easy to play and can read to some volatile situations. The odds of ending up with a huge pot are big so you need some strong nerves to truly enjoy this game.


Guts Poker itself has a lot of variants which are enjoyed by people all across the world. The main thing that all of these variants have in common is that the player is forced to a pretty simple decision every hand, whether he is in or out. The variant I will describe here is characterized by each player getting three cards and all of the losing players have to match the pot.

  1. A standard sized 52-card deck will be used.
  2. All of the players have to pay a certain Ante which they will add to the total pot.
  3. Each player shall receive three cards.
  4. The order of poker hands is as follows:
    • Straight Flush
    • Three of a kind
    • Straight
    • Flush
    • Pair
    • Three singletons
  5. After they get to see their cards all of the players have to simultaneously declare if they are in or out. Generally this will be done by everybody opening their fist at the same time. Holding a chip in your fist will indicate you are in while an empty fist will indicate that you are out. Another way of doing this is by dropping your cards if you’re out and holding them if you’re in. Sadly this way can be vulnerable to cheating by using a move which is called the “late drop”.
  6. The player that has the highest hand between the players who are still in will receive the entire pot. All of the players who went in but lost have to match the pot.
  7. If only one player is still in the game he will be uncontested in winning the pot.
  8. In the rare occasion that nobody is in a new hand will be dealt.
  9. If somebody manages to win an uncontested pot the game will end.


  • Instead of using three cards you will use just two (or any other number).
  • Players have to ante again to the pot in the case that nobody is in.
  • When three players or more are in, just the losing hand has to match the pot.
  • Players have to declare their status in order. A button will rotate around the table to indicate which players must to declare his stance first.
  • When just one player is in, he has to beat dummy hand.
  • You can alter the hand rankings, for example you could forbid straights or flushes.

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