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Four Cast and what it’s about

Four Cast and what it’s aboutFour Cast has definitely got to be one of the weirdest gambling games that you could try out. It has been played at a lot of internet casinos since the beginning of internet gambling and it seems that nothing can stop it. The main idea of the game is that the player has to guess the rank and suit of each of four playing cards. In order to help the players there are a couple of jokers, which always result in a correct prediction and double the player’s balance. The game will usually start by multiplying the player’s bet by 100 but incorrect and partially incorrect answers will quickly dwindle that balance. The player gets to keep whatever he still has after four predictions.

There is also a progressive jackpot but in my opinion you should steer clear of it. The odds of hitting it are not determined by the cards.


  1. A deck of 54 cards is used, with the usual 52 cards plus the two jokers.
  2. The player will receive four cards.
  3. Whatever sum of money the player bets, the game will multiply it by 100.
  4. Then the player has to make two predictions about the first card:
    • The suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades)
    • Whether the card is odd (3, 5, 7, 9), even (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10), or high (Jack, Queen, King or Ace).
  5. When the card turns out to be a joker, the balance is doubled.
  6. In case the player manages to get both forecasts correct, his balance will stay the same.
  7. If he only gets the suit right, his balance will be reduced by exactly 50%.
  8. In any other event his balance will be reduced by 90%.
  9. At this point the player will repeat steps 4 to 8 for three extra cards.
  10. All reductions will be rounded down to the closest $0.25.
  11. In the very rare case that the player bet $20 and gets all four predictions correct and all four suits are on the table, he will win the progressive jackpot.
  12. The casino rules state that this jackpot is not triggered by the cards but rather by an internal mechanism.


It possible you should always pick even, since it includes five ranks and both of their alternatives contain four only. Try to pick the suit with the most remaining cards left compared to all the other suits.

I can’t recommend this game to a lot of people because there is really very little skill involved in it. While you can make your choices depending on what cards have already been used, it is still up to chance if you will manage to guess the cards correctly. Try this one when you’re feeling especially lucky.

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