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Different types of slot machines

Different types of Slot MachinesSlot machines have slowly but surely dominated the gambling scene in the last 20 years. Nowadays you can walk into any casino and the biggest and most packed room will surely be one filled to the brim with slot machines. People who are new to gambling just love to try out slot machines, mostly because they are easy, brightly colored and more importantly fun. But then you also have the hardcore gamblers who can sit for hours in a little chair just spinning away at those reels. Now allow me to give you a breakdown of the main types of slot machines you can find out there.

Straight Slot Machines

These types of slot machines will pay earnings according to a predetermined payout schedule. This schedule will pay out the same amount of money every time you manage to hit a certain symbol combination. This all depends on the type of slot machine because they all have their own combinations and types of symbols.

Progressive slot machines

This type of slot machine offers a jackpot that increases in value. As more and more coins are put into the machine, a small portion of each of these wagers is constantly being added to a jackpot. When some lucky person wins this jackpot the amount then drops to its starting point again. This sum is usually displayed on top of the machine on a digital monitor. There are 3 different types of progressive slot machines:

  • Stand alone progressives – These slot machines are independent from each other. The jackpots in these machines are not aggregated with those of other machines so the resulting jackpots are usually the smallest out of all progressives.
  • In-house progressives – This type of slot machines are usually linked to other slot machines which are situated in the same casino. The jackpots that they can offer are pretty decent.
  • Wide-area progressives – All of these machines are connected to other progressive machines at other locations. Most of them are owned by a third-party operator (usually the manufacturer) and the casino leases them and they all share the winnings. These machines are some of the most expensive and they tend to pay out less than other slot machines on normal wins. But their jackpots are some of the biggest because they accumulate the wages of thousands of machines at a time.

If you want to win a progressive jackpot you always have to bet the maximum number of coins. This will obviously make every spin more expensive but otherwise you won’t get the opportunity to win a jackpot. The jackpot on linked progressive machines can get to huge sums of money, sometimes millions of dollars. You just need to pay careful attention to your budget and make sure you don’t pay too much per-spin. Keep note of all of this information and maybe one day you’ll be the lucky recipient of one huge jackpot.

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