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What Are The Differences Between Aussie And Pokies?

What Are The Differences Between Aussie And Pokies?

Slots is without doubt the most widely played online casino games in the world. The simplicity of the game, the colors, the large number reels and the massive progressive jackpots combine together to create the most sought after casino game. The game exists in different versions in different countries. The Aussie version is known as online pokies or gaming machines and is the most popular casino game in the country. It is just another version of slots but there are some slight differences between aussie and pokies.

Australian Style Gaming Machines

Video displays have become an integral part of the slots games played in aussie country. These displays are used for simulating the physical reels, most commonly 5 in number. Some of the other features that make this version unique include:

  • Extra bonuses
  • Features on the second screen like bonus levels and free games
  • Multiple ways for playing, which can be more than 3,000 in number
  • Maximum multiple lines can go up to 200

Multiway Pokies Games

Multiway games are quite popular in online pokies Australia. In this case, you will be playing the entire position against each reel rather than the fixed patterns or lines. So if you are playing a single reel on a 243 way game, you will get 3 symbols on the first reel. They will pay if they appear in any of the 3 positions. But the other reels will pay only in the center.

But if you play 5 reels, the symbols could come anywhere within the window. They will pay even if there is one symbol in each of the reels. The aussie rules can seem to be relatively simpler. Most versions of pokies need that the symbols appear in a left to right pattern. At times this can even include scatters.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols in pokies will pay you similar to traditional slots games. They will also multiply your payout depending on the overall bet placed and the amount of reels/ways played. The other multiway versions of pokies games offer many more ways through 5×5 / 4×5 patterns. In this case, you will have maximum of 5 symbols for each reel. This means you will have maximum of 3125 / 1024 ways of winning. These free online pokies games have been called by several names, with the most popular ones being Super Reel Power and Xtra Reel Power.

When playing these versions of pokies games, you will find they cost more than the 243-way games. Many of these versions feature hexagonal reel patterns. Similar to multiway pokies, they patterns which are not played will become dark. When it comes to scatter symbols, they will still pay out like in the case of traditional slot machines – even if they appear on the dark areas.

Thus, there are some slight differences between aussie and pokies. Otherwise, the different versions are almost same along with all the thrill and colors.

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