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The defining difference between slots and video poker

The defining difference between slots and video poker It is a known fact that slot games were here first. The first slot machine-type devices came out in the 1890s when Sittman and Pitt invented a machine that resembled poker. With the invention of the internet developers took to transmuting the classic slot onto computer screen, thus the online video slot was born.

Although slot game players present about 70% of the market’s share. More and more players, especially the Millenial generation, are looking towards video-game based entertainment while making some pocket money off of it. Still, in 1994 Microgaming developed the first video poker machine and due to its mashing success the course of casino history was forever altered.

Now, we promised to deliver the defining difference between slot games and video poker. Although wrapped up in similar physicality, the two games couldn’t be more different from each other. Guess which on is based on skill and which one is based on luck. Yep, video poker absolutely needs some knowledge of game rules and if you’re practicing your strategies, even better.

Generally slots are your go-to casino entertainment devices specifically when you’re just looking for some pure entertainment that does not require too much action from the player and will simply engage you into their world. Conversely, video poker machines will not yield any winnings if you have no idea what to do.

The best thing about video poker is that it has a very low house edge, even when compared with the felt table variant. But, similar to the actual live game, playing video poker entails that you have a perfect hand in order to win the pot.

It is also good to get acquainted with the payout percentages that video poker offers gamblers. If you manage to polish your strategy and playing skills then you’ll find it easy to continue a winning streak over time. For this reason casinos must pay a percentage, called the payback percentage, to its loyal winning players.

For example, let’s say you are playing a video poker machine that pays a 95% payout. This means that the player will get 95% of the winnings and the casino will withhold a 5% profit. Don’t worry, the casino is not going to keep 5% or each bet, for example if you play $100 in a video poker game the casino is not going to take away 5% of that, but rather will come out with a 5% profit over a longer time span.

With that in mind, make sure you take a good look at the payout table displayed on every single video poker machine. This way you will be able to calculate the percentage that the casino gets and the percentage that you get, in case of a win.

In any case, whether you choose slots of video poker the certainty is that having fun should be the ultimate goal for a newcomer. If you’re interested in building a career in gambling, video poker is actually a great place to start refining your knowledge and skills.

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