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Crazy 4 Poker

Crazy 4 PokerCrazy 4 Poker is a variant of Poker which was invented by Roger Snow in 2004 and gained quite a lot of popularity over the years. The game is still played today and you can find it in plenty of casinos all across the world.


    1. To start things off the player has to make equal bets on the Ante and Super Bonus. There is also a side bet called Queens Up on which he can bet.
    2. Both the players and the dealer will each receive five cards.
    3. Now the players get to choose if they want to fold or raise.
    4. If a player chooses to fold he will forfeit his cards and all of the bets that he already made.
    5. The Raise bet can be up to three times the Ante bet if the player has at least a pair of aces. In any other case, the Raise bet has to be exactly equal to the Ante bet.
    6. Players will now have to make their best four-card poker hand and then discard the fifth card.
    7. Here is a ranking of hands from high to low:
      • Four of a Kind
      • Straight Flush
      • Three of a Kind
      • Flush
      • Straight
      • Two Pair
      • Pair
      • Four singletons
    8. When all of these decisions have been made, the dealer will then turn over his cards and will select the best four out of the five.
    9. The player will compare his hand to that of the dealer and the higher hand will win.
    10. For the purposes of the Ante bet alone, the dealer has to have at least a King high in order to open.
    11. The Ante bet will pay like this:
      • Dealer doesn’t open: Ante pushes.
      • Dealer opens and the player wins: Ante wins.
      • Dealer opens and ties: Ante pushes.
      • Dealer opens and then wins: Ante loses.
    12. The Raise bet will pay like this:
      • Player Wins: Raise wins.
      • Tie: Raise pushes.
      • Dealer wins: Raise loses.
    13. And last but not least the Super Bonus bet will pay like this:
      • Player has a straight or higher (you don’t necessarily have to beat the dealer): Super Bonus will win according to the pay table situated below.
      • Player has something smaller than a straight and wins or pushes: Super Bonus pushes.
      • Player has less than a straight and loses: Super Bonus loses.

Super Bonus Pay Table

      • Four Aces – Pays 200 to 1
      • Four 2-K – Pays 30 to 1
      • Straight Flush – Pays 15 to 1
      • Three of a Kind – Pays 2 to 1
      • Flush – Pays 1.5 to 1
      • Straight – Pays 1 to 1


The optimal strategy can be kind of complicated to memorize but you can follow these three easy steps to make sure things will go smoothly:

    1. Make a large raise when allowed (with a pair of aces or higher).
    2. Make a small raise with K-Q-8-4 or higher.
    3. Fold all other hands.

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