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Craps superstitions – What You Should Know?

Craps superstitions – What You Should Know

As far as online gambling games are concerned, people give adequate importance to several superstitious beliefs. This is mainly because of the fact that most of the online casino games turns out to be luck based, leading people to believe in the odds of the game. Craps is one of the most popular and prominent online casino games that are known to be played extensively by players from all across the world. The online casino game is known to have a long history and is known to be played for several centuries now. No wonder, the game is known to come packed with several myths, superstitions and many other beliefs. It is highly important that you get to know each and everything about the game well ahead so that you can come out with exceptional gaming experience.

There are some major superstitious beliefs about crap that you should keep in mind when playing craps. If you want to get success in the game then you should not give into these superstitions.


Craps is a game that is associated with dice usage. It is extensively believed that when the dice hits another person hands then the chances of getting a winning outcome is lessened to a great extent. You should remember this particular aspect well when playing the game. There are also other common beliefs with regard to dice usage. Some people would roll the dice softly so that they would come up with the desired outcome or desired number. People would also ask for the same dice that were lucky for them the previous time. This is a common and crazy superstition that many people believe in.

Counting chips at the table

It is a well known fact that chips acts as money when it comes to playing in casinos and there is a common belief that counting the chips at hand would decrease your chances of winning. It is believed that as you keep counting the coins, the number of coins would come down as a result.

Say it out or not

Some ardent players would say out the number that they wish to receive as they believe that by doing so they would be able to get it. There are also times they would not want to think about the number they do not want to come. It works both ways.

At times, people would refrain from playing on the table which has caused them loss the previous time. They think by doing so they would be able to avoid any bad luck that came their way last time. People also prefer to go with those crap tables that have helped them win good money. If you are someone who is known to play craps online then you need to check out for the right kind of online crap game playing platform and go with it. Some of them are packed with good features and facilities and offers good gaming experience to those who get to play the games on the whole.

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