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What to do in the case of a lucky streak

What to do in the case of a lucky streakEver since gambling was invented, which must have been a very long time ago seeing that archeologists are finding casino style games in caves, the myth of the “Lucky Streak” has been growing, changing, losing power, and adapting again. If you’re new to a felt table or even an online slot game, you might hear your grandparents or even parents mention a lucky streak.

Lucky streaks are real enough, and once you hit one you’ll know it. The thing is you’ll only realize it was a lucky streak at the end of your wining frenzy. There are two issues with the lucky streak phenomena: for one, you might not notice you are in one and might waste the chance and your money by playing badly, and two there is no way of knowing when you might hit a lucky streak and this is definitely not to say that it will be a winning one.

With online slots it is even harder to know when you’ll be winning constantly, or when you’ll be losing, for that matter. Some players will naturally assume that if the first three spins were successful, then the fourth will certainly be a big one too. Other players look at it in the exact opposite way. They will think that they’ve had a few good spins and inevitably they will hit a losing round with the next spin.

The truth is that you can never know for certain, especially when it comes to online gambling. Reputable casinos employ the use of an RNG. This Random Number Generator will not allow any predictions to be made based on the last spin’s results simply because the system itself is built in such a way that each new spin generates new numbers which in turn generate new and unpredictable symbols.

Still some player might consider whether or not there is any hard in going after a lucky streak. If ignoring the eventuality of a lucky streak doesn’t make or break your game, then what will happen if you wholeheartedly believe that you are in one and that it will bring you the winnings you desire?

The reality points back to the RNG. Just as you might win more you might lose more. And, the reverse is true. You won’t be winning or losing any less than what you are playing and the bets you are willing to set down. If you raise your bet and win then the win will be considerably larger, the same goes for a loss. This is in fact the key idea to keep in mind when “feeling a lucky streak” coming.

Don’t get carried away just because you won a few rounds. The best thing is to be cautious and not increase your bet just because you believe that the next spin will be a winning one. It is always better to win smaller amounts steadily but surely, rather than bet a large amount and lose more in just one spin.

Playing safe and playing smart means that you will not go head-first into the first “opportunity” that arises. Keep a cool head and take it in strides, as with everything else in life.

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