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California No Bust Blackjack

California No Bust BlackjackThis one is a player-banked Blackjack variant which is played at poker casinos in the Los Angeles County. The rules might vary slightly depending on which casino you choose to play in. Some casinos for example will use more jokers or treat the jokers as 2 or 12 points.


  1. The main rules of the game are pretty much the same like in regular Blackjack with a few exceptions which I will explain below.
  2. You will need six 53-card decks, each of them containing one joker besides the regular cards
  3. The highest hands which you can get are called “naturals” and consist of these cards: two jokers, two aces, an ace and a joker. If he gets one of these hands the player will have to declare them immediately.
  4. If the player happens to have two jokers while the dealer does not, he will immediately be paid 2 to 1 on his initial bet.
  5. A hand containing an ace and a 10-point card will count as 21 points but will not outrank other 21-point hands like in conventional Blackjack.
  6. Jokers are considered wild. A joker in combination with any other card will count as 21 points and your only option is to stand in this case.
  7. When the dealer ends up having a joker face up then his down card will have to be turned over immediately. Players do not have the option of drawing in this situation. All player hands which have less than 21 points will lose.
  8. The dealer can never peek at the hole card in any circumstance.
  9. The player has the option of surrendering on any two cards he might have, except in the event that the dealer has a joker up.
  10. If the down card which the dealer holds is a joker then the player can only lose his original wager. Any additional bets which have been made by doubling or splitting will push.
  11. Dealer has to hit on a soft 17.
  12. You are allowed to double after a split has already been done.
  13. The player has the option of splitting up to three hands if he wants to.
  14. If both the player and the dealer end up busting and the player is holding a lower total then the bet that he placed will be pushed to the next round.
  15. When both the dealer and the player bust and the player has a point total which is higher or equal to that of the dealer then the player will lose.

Betting Rules

  1. Players can bet anywhere between $10 to $600 per hand, with a $1 fee per $100 bet. This fee will always be rounded up to the nearest number and the house will get it.
  2. The banker has to pay a flat $3 fee.
  3. The banker role will rotate around the table in turn. The banker will have to opportunity to bank two hands before his turn passes. The banker will then be playing the dealer’s cards against the other players.

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