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All about Break Poker

All about Break PokerThe game of Break Poker is a game which takes inspiration from the game of Rummy and has certain similarities to Pai Gow Poker. The game can be found in a few casinos around the Las Vegas area.


  1. To play the game you will need a standard 52-card deck plus one joker added to it. The joker acts as a semi-wild card that can be used instead of an ace or to complete a three of a kind or a straight.
  2. Three-card hands have the following ranking in descending order:
    • Three of a Kind. A-A-A is the highest three of a kind you can get and 2-2-2 is the lowest.
    • Straight. Q-K-A is the highest possible straight and A-2-3 is the lowest.
    • Pair. A-A-K is the biggest pair you can get while 2-2-3 is the lowest.
    • High Card Hand. A-K-J is the highest possible hand here while 5-3-2 is the lowest.
  3. Two-card hands have the following ranking in descending order:
    • Pair. A-A is the biggest pair you can make while 2-2 is the lowest.
    • High Card Hand. Here you have A-K as the highest and 3-2 as the lowest.
  4. In order to compare individual hands the standard poker rules apply.
  5. A Lucky Break consists of a hand which has a pair and three of a kind or a pair and a straight. A Lucky Break hand will always beat a non-Lucky Break hand, regardless of the values of both individual two-card and three-card hands.
  6. To start things of the player will make a Main Bet. You also have two optional side bets which you can make.
  7. All players and the dealer will now be dealt a seven card hand.
  8. All of the players involved have to examine their cards and select two cards which will make up their low hand. Three cards will form his high hand and he will have to discard the remaining two cards.
  9. Now the dealer will reveal his hole cards
  10. In order to qualify the dealer needs to have at least a K-3-2 in his high hand. If he does not qualify, all Main Bets will push. If he does have a qualifying hand he will have to set it according to the house way and compare his hand to each hand that the players have.
    • If the dealer gets a Lucky Break and the player doesn’t the player will lose his Main Bet.
    • If the player instead has a Lucky Break hand while the dealer doesn’t, the player will win even money on his Main Bet.
    • In any other case if the player’s hands beat the ones that the dealer has, the player will win and get paid even money on his Main Bet.
    • Otherwise, if the dealer has hands which either beat or tie the hands of the player, the dealer will win and the player loses his Main Bet.
    • In any other case the Main Bet made by the player will push.

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