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Blackjack Switch tutorial

Blackjack Switch tutorialA lot of online casinos are now offering a new Blackjack variant which is called Blackjack Switch. It is a very fun game and a very good game for bonus qualifying when it is allowed. A lot of skilled online players will choose Blackjack Switch over normal Blackjack if both options are available. When you play a correct strategy of Blackjack Switch, the house edge will be even lower than in regular Blackjack.

The most distinctive feature of Blackjack Switch is that you play two hands simultaneously and you can switch the second cards dealt to each hand if you so desire. Let’s say that one of your hands has a 6 with a ten for the second card, and the other hand has an ace with a 5, you can exchange the ten for the 5 to make a lot better hands of an 11 and a blackjack.


Blackjack Switch uses 6 decks from which it deals face-up. You have to play two hands and both hands must have an equal bet. Only the top card of each hand can be switched. You aren’t allowed to switch a first card with a second card for example.

The dealer always has to hit on a soft 17. You can double down on any two cards and also double down after pair splits. You can’t even resplit. The European no-hole-card rule is used in this variant, if you double or split against a dealer ten or ace, you are going to lose all of your bets if the dealer manages to get a blackjack. A plus is the fact that you can switch before the dealer plays his hand, so if you get one blackjack by switching your cards, that hand will push the dealer’s blackjack and the result will be a tie.

Another special rule is the fact that if the dealer gets 22, he will all other players hands, including 21. This is why a player blackjack will pay even money but will beat a dealer total of 22.

The main problem that players face with this game is knowing when to switch. A lot of hands, like my example from above, are pretty obvious switches. But sometimes the switch is not that obvious. Making good switches will improve your chances of winning greatly and will decrease the house edge over time.

These are pretty much all of the basic rules that this game has. Besides these the game is pretty much exactly the same as regular Blackjack. Always try and pay attention to what’s going on at the table around you and you will surely have a good time.

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