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Blackjack strategy for the newcomer

Blackjack strategy for the newcomerBlackjack is a top felt game favorite for players all around the world. There are a myriad of different Blackjack games and you can even try most of them for free online. The thing about Blackjack is that it’s a game that you can beat. Plus, you are playing against the dealer and no other players, which really takes the edge off during the game.

Playing a basic strategy implies that you are judging the hand you are currently looking at against the dealer’s hand and this is how you continue, either by Hitting or Standing. Still, although this is a pretty accurate strategy and you will bring down the house edge by employing it, chances are that it will still not be enough to really tip those odds in your favour.

The secret is to continue learning playing strategies and reach a more advanced level, even if you’ve just started playing Blackjack for a short while. Such advanced basic strategies imply a bit more thinking on your part before making your next move.

Let’s say in a hypothetical situation that you are dealt a 16 and the dealer is showing a total of 10. The immediate reaction is to stand, for most players, because you don’t want to9 go over 21 and reach a Bust. But, it matters what your 16 is composed of.

If your 16 is made up of 2 cards, for example a 6 and a 10, or a 9 and a 7, then it might be better to Hit. The reason for this is that you have a higher chance of getting a low card that won’t get you Bust than you would when holding a three-card hand composed of smaller value cards.

For instance, if your 16 is composed of a 3, a 4, and a 9, you’re better off Standing since most likely you will be getting a high card next. When your hand is full of low value card the ones left in the pack will be mostly made up of higher values and a Hit will increase the chance of a Bust.

A general rule is when your hand contains 4s and 5s, you’ll Stand. The same applies to a hand made up of more than two cards, or if you’ve already split a pair. Most often than not you will have more to lose by going Bust than by Standing.

Another good rule to remember is in the case of your hand starting out with a hard 12 while the dealer is only showing a 4. In this case, the immediate reaction is to Hit because you’re thinking you might just get that card (a 9) that will give you a Blackjack. Still, there are other courses of action. Thus, depending on your card values you can have a 7 and 5, a 9 and 3, an 8 and 4, or a 10 and 2.

Keeping in mind that the dealer is showing a 4, you will want to Hit a hand that contains a 10 and a 2. The reverse is true for the remaining combinations, since again, there are more high value cards in the deck and you might just go Bust if you’re Hitting an 8 and 4, when that high card comes along.

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