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Activate all paylines on online slots

Activate all paylines on online slotsAlthough slots were invented in the 1800s these popular games have stood the test of time, and what’s more have quickly migrated online with the advent of online casinos. The traditionally called “one-armed bandit” has come a long way since the first machine, and compared to those days when you would get a beer, cigarettes or whatever the locale had on deal for the day, today’s slot games offer up some sweet rewards and even a progressive jackpot you can try your luck with.

The fact of the matter still remains that slots games are simple and fun to play, and even though they don’t take a lot of thinking, they do require some skillful playing.

The first slot machine ever out on the market had 3 reels and 5 paylines. Quite limiting if you think about today’s variety. When talking strictly about the online assortment, slots can have up to 100 and more paylines. This means that the traditional same symbol per line for a win combination is long obsolete and various combinations of symbols will yield different small or big rewards.

A big difference between online slot games and regular casino floor machines is that the online ones will activate all paylines automatically, while the actual machines will let you choose which paylines you would like to have active. Why does it matter how many paylines you have active? Well, because your active paylines multiplied by the line bet will give you the total bet you are willing to set down per spin.

On average player tend to play their spins under the max bet limit. This is all fine, of course, you can play however much money you like, it’s yours to lose. But, if you want to actually make a good buck off the machines then you should consider upping the stakes and betting max each time. Sure the budget has to be constantly reviewed but the chances of winning will grow considerably.

Each slots game has different betting options but one thing is clear, if you play with only 29 out of 30 paylines available you will wake up to not winning anything even if you get 5 jackpot symbols in a row. Why does this rule apply? Because most slots are programmed in such a way so that each payline contributes 5% to your winning chances.

Thus, if you don’t have all paylines active this programming rule will not apply and you’ll end up winning only what was hit on the one particular payline where your symbols lined up. Also, with the introduction on scatter symbols players have the chance to multiply their bet on a winning hit. The less paylines you have active the smaller the amount of winnings will be. It’s just not worth the trouble if you end up winning back only a small percentage of what your initial bet was.

In the same manner, progressive slots games will payout a lot more when you’re playing with all paylines active. Imagine hitting five of a kind on a progressive slots game, and because all your paylines were not active, you get paid a considerably smaller amount than what the total jackpot is worth. Now that’s a bummer!

Taking some risks in life can actually provide better opportunities, if even later on, so play smart and play hard, or perhaps gambling is not the thing for you.

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