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5 Video Poker superstitions never to trust

5 Video Poker superstitions never to trustSuperstition, like other culturally ingrained notions, has found its way onto the casino floors and even infiltrated the online scene. Video Poker players, whether they are delighting in an online game or a land-based one, hear all sorts of stuff circulating the poker community, and without verifying it take the info as granted. This is the reason why lots of myths and misunderstandings travel around in these circles and we’re here to tell it straight.

One of the common misconceptions going around in gambling forums is that video poker RNGs, or Random Number Generators, can be rigged. This is complete bogus as the RNG is built in such a way that it will never stop working and shuffling those cards.

This system will shuffle the 52 card deck then display the 5 top most cards available when you hit Deal, the reshuffles continuously again with the cards left until you once again hit the Deal button. Now what more can you ask? The name itself implied randomness. Not to mention that all casino operators’ RNG are regularly regulated by gambling licensing bodies. How’s that for a fair play?

Hot and Cold machines are part of another player perpetuated superstition. I mean, no amount of yelling, talking to, kicking, or petting the machine is going to make it yield more winnings than it could, or more than you deserve based on how well you play the game. So, what makes you think that this machine has a mind of its own and for the love of money will simply not give you your deserving prize?

Hunches! Hunches are every gamblers worst enemy. Instead of relying on skill level and game know-how a lot of players tend to think that “this next game will be my lucky hit” or “if I switch machines I’ll be luckier”. Sure luck has something to do with it but it doesn’t not depend on your gut feelings, it just comes, or doesn’t.

The mother of all misconception is that you can make a living playing video poker. Sure, for some that spend hours on end learning the game, practicing, and have a disciplined mind and a hefty bankroll to start with, this option is definitely viable. For the rest of us Video Poker should be used as a hobby, a relaxation tool. Going pro requires dedication, a sober demeanor and keen sense of observation. But, by all means, if you think you possess all these qualities you can definitely go for it.

There you have it. Beware or be square and keep a good eye on that bankroll, whether you’re playing for fun or daring to go pro.

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