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5 Properties of a proper Poker room

5 properties of a proper Poker roomRegardless of whether you are thinking to play Poker online or in a bricks-and-mortar casino establishment, there are a few important things to look out for when choosing the right game for you. I’ve played in so many environments, from at home games with friends, to questionable street associations, to actual casino environments and over time I’ve come to be able to make the difference between what’s right and what doesn’t work with a particular Poker room.

Thus, this is my attempt at warning you and also giving you some insight into what pit-falls to avoid and what benefits a Poker room should offer in order for your experience to be the best it can.

  1. Low house edgeSome casinos, online or otherwise, will definitely have higher house edges than others. Make sure you do your homework and find out which casino offers up the best odds and best house edges for the players. Especially when it comes to Poker rooms, a 10% rake is most benefic for all players involved, anything lower than that is obviously even better, but anything higher should be watched with vigil eyes. So, look for a Poker room that has lower rake while still maintaining other good services up to par.
  2. Dealers that know their stuff – for lack of a better fitting wordThe most important aspect that makes a dealer great is his knowledge of the game. Without an in-depth knowledge on the part of the dealer the game can fall apart quickly and trust me I’ve had my fair share of these types of situations. Besides the all-knowing quality a dealer must also be able to deal the game super-efficiently, exert authority but not in a dictator-style, and know how to be friendly with the players without seeming standoffish. The dealer really sets the mood so if it feels like the dealer at your table is not really doing his job with passion make sure you cut your losses or wins and move on to the next table.
  3. No limit 9-handed cash gamesTo be honest I would much rather experience a short hand Poker session than a long and tedious 10-hand game. Although, if I were to choose to play a longer, more hands game, I would most likely and more often gravitate towards a 9-handed Hold’Em table rather than a 10. For some reason the latter makes me feel crammed up and I sometimes lose track of my hands. In 9-handed games things work out much more simply and quicker, and players around me also seem more relaxed.
  4. Cocktails anyone?If you happen to find yourself at a real Poker table with live players and a skillful dealer make sure you pick a casino that is not cheap with the free drinks. Sure enough alcohol will lower your opponents inhibitions, so don’t indulge too much yourself but let others enjoy the perks while you rake in the profits. After all, if you’re not playing for fun you’re playing to win. In my experience when the cocktail waitress fails to make an appearance for longer than an hour the game starts going downhill. This is your queue to grab your winnings and move to a fresh table.
  5. Dealer gets perksAlso based on a vast experience at the bricks-and-mortar Poker tables, you should make sure that the chip-tips for the dealer are not pooled but that rather he or she gets the rewards in hand. A dealer that gets pooled tips is less motivated to play out a proper game which in turn will affect the whole table. Only get involved with those tables that allow direct tipping to the dealers.

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