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4 Arcade and Casino facts you’d never have guessed

4 Arcade and Casino facts you would never have guessed

Live Casino tricks

All of the casinos all around the world have no clocks. The main reason they do this is to create a sense of freedom, a clear disconnect from reality and making people feel like they’re in a land filled with opportunity. To further ingrain this into a gamblers mind most casinos will also have no windows to make it harder for people to know if it’s day or night outside. They also design casinos like a maze so it will be harder for you to find your way out. Finding the tables you want will also prove to be more difficult because of this. The last trick that they use is offering gamblers free alcohol to keep them interested and playing.

The Harmon Hotel

The Harmon Hotel is part of an 8.2 billion dollar hotel project which is located in Las Vegas. In the last few years Las Vegas has been busy at work on CityCenter, a 76 acre project which is located right on The Strip. It’s right next to the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio hotels and will contain condos, shopping centers, hotels and a casino. This makes it one of the largest privately funded construction project in US history. The Harmon Hotel was supposed to have 400 rooms, 207 condos, salons, restaurants and more. It was supposed to be a shining diamond but its contractors are being accused of falsifying 62 reports and incorrectly installing reinforcement bars on 15 of the floors. This is why sadly the hotel has been demolished back in 2012 way before it managed to open its doors.


This type of slot machine is very popular in Asia, especially in Japan. Even though gambling is illegal in Japan, these pachinko machines don’t count as gambling because winners only receive prizes like food, drinks or electronics. Experts estimate that the revenue which is gained from the pachinko machines is four times the yearly revenue from regular casino gambling worldwide. There are over 1.8 million machines located in Japan and it has such a huge fan base because of its videogame-like nature.

Alphabetical Gaming Companies

Accolade is a gaming company which was founded back in 1984 by Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead, the same people who had started up the gaming company Activision a couple of years earlier. Activision was the first gaming company who was a third party game developers. They chose the name Activision because alphabetically it came before Atari. This is the same reason that they chose Accolade for their second company. Each of these decisions was simply to make a statement of superiority over the rest. Basically it was the “top of the list in the phonebook” mentality. A while later some ex-Activision employees started their own gaming company which was named Acclaim. And you’ve guessed it; they chose that name for exactly the same reason. Just for the sake of being ahead of Atari alphabetically.

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