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243 ways to win online slots

243 ways to win online slotsOnline slots games come in all shapes and sizes these days, but, the ones that seem to be making a buzz today are the 243 ways to win online video slot games. We were wondering if indeed there is some credit to these types of slots games and so we decided to investigate further.

These 243 ways to win type slots were introduced to the online gambling scene by none other than innovative gaming provider, Microgaming. Popular games such as Jurassic Park and Terminator II are games that feature this type of slots playing. The question we posed was whether or not these games are more advantageous for players, when compared to the other variations of slot games.

A typical five reels and three rows slot game will have a maximum five of a kind combination while you can only get this combo in 243 ways. The thing about the 243 ways to win games is that they will pay out 100% if you land like symbols in the possible combinations. When you’re not playing the max of 243, the maximum lines that will pay will be only 100.

This translates to about 40% of the total payouts and combinations that could be available if you play 243 W2W. Under 15% payout will be yielded when you pay around 40 lines, thus, it just might be more profitable to play the full 243 rather than losing little by little with a regular slot that might never yield such a good percentage payout in the first place.

Thus, when it comes to winning combinations, 243 W2W is king. Another big but not so noticeable difference between regular and 243 W2W online slots games is that in a regular game your payout will be the total from multiplying the bet with the number or activated paylines. Microgaming has thought about this and this is why in a 243 W2W type game the total bet will be 30X the line bet.

Ok. Let’s explain that last bit a little better. Let’s say you’re playing a regular slots game. You have 30 active paylines and a total of 30 coins set down as your bet. This means that for each line you have put down a bet of 1 coin. Right! Then, the slot game payout table will be applied to the 1 coin. With a 243 W2W kind of slot game to calculate how many coins you have put down per line you must divide the 30 coins by the number of possible winning combinations, which are 243.

This leaves you off with a bet of 0.12 coins. The best part is that when you win, the payout will be based on a coin bet of 1 per line.

To give players the chance at testing both versions of slots games Microgaming actually released one of their most popular slots game as a 243 W2W game as well as a 15 paylines game. Now, all you GOT fans out there, you tell us which one is best.

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