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10 important Bingo terms

10 Important Bingo TermsBingo is a very popular game in gambling halls all across the world. Popular culture has given it a wrong image of a game played only by the elderly but that is not the only public interested in this game. More and more gambling halls have picked up this game. Here are some of the most used terms in the game of bingo:

Admission Packet

This is the minimum number of cards you have to buy which stands in for the price of admission of a bingo game. It may contain somewhere around three to six cards for each game but this number can vary from hall to hall.


A particular pattern which requires you to cover the entire card in order to win. About 50 to 60 out of the total 75 bingo numbers need to be called out in order to cover all the numbers on a particular card. This is sometimes also called a “coverall”.


This is the card you use to play bingo. It has 25 spaces laid out in a 5 columns x 5 rows with 5 spaces in each column and row. The space in the middle is called the “free space”. All the rest of the spaces have random numbers assigned to them.

Flimsy, Flimsies

Bingo cards which are printed on very thin sheets of paper. In some places they are also known as throwaways.

Lucky Jar, Cookie Jar

A side game that people sometimes play in bingo halls where a player can win a container holding cash if they achieve a bingo at the same time the lucky number is called. This lucky number is usually the first number that is called at the start of the session. More money is added to the jar every time this lucky number is called.

Multiple Winners

This is when two or more players win at the same time. In the rare occasions when this happens the prize is usually split between the two players.


These are the nicknames given to each number drawn in bingo. This is mostly used as a joke but sometimes it can be also helpful in a noisy bingo hall to confirm the number that was called.


This is the shape that you have to cover on your bingo card in order to win the game. Most of them are straight lines in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. I’ve already mentioned one of the most popular patterns which is the blackout.

Reno Night

This is when other casino games like Blackjack or Roulette are played alongside bingo. These are sometimes held in bingo halls but most often they are usually held in restaurants and hotels.

Texas Blackout

This is a variation of bingo. The first number that is normally called is either odd or even. If it is even then you can mark all the even numbers on all of your cards. If it is odd you get to mark all the odd numbers on all your cards.

Next time you find yourself in a bingo hall and are a little confused about the lingo people are using around you, remember this helpful guide.

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